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Year End Message

01/05/2018, 10:15am MST
By Communications

To all members of the CDMFA

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this time to first of all thank everyone for the past year. The CDMFA has had another successful year and as we close out 2017 I would like to share a few thoughts about the coming year and the many exciting things that are to come.

I was tasked at the last AGM to complete a organizational plan for the CDMFA and that is now complete. This will be discussed and presented at the January 10/18 meeting of the board.

We have developed a 3 year plan for the organization and it will take the CDMFA into a new Era. The driving force is to increase the participation in our sport but aid in developing all aspects of Football, while still maintaining the core of what makes the CDMFA a great organization.

It is important that we try and expose football to as many people as possible and for our athletes we need to remember that we are a developmental part of their athletic journey. We will work hard to ensure programs are ones that ensure the athlete experience is the best we can provide but also there is coaching, support and education to aid that.

As we have come to realize our numbers are essentially flat for the last 6 years. With this in mind we have taken a global look at what we do and how we do it .We will be bringing thoughts and ideas forward that will help our sport grow but also diversify our offering to the athletes and parents. We will be spending time and resources on coaching development at the minor level like never before. We will also be creating many different avenues for our athlete to play our sport but also develop their own skills. We believe it is time to think of our sport as much more than a tackle driven sport. The offering of flag programs for all levels as well as ways athletes can play this sport by other ways then just tackle may help our sports perception in the public’s eye. We would like to make football a sport that can be played for a lifetime and be a sport many different people can play.

We will be scheduling meetings in the next 6 months to discuss this in detail. I would encourage you to ensure your clubs key decision makers are in attendance at these meeting and the message is relayed.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Neil Gerritsen

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